✩ January 2024 Updates ✩

EON FY23 Revenues increase 50% over FY22

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Blanking Control Systems

OM Front

Power Supply Systems

Audio Control Systems

Space and Missile Systems

Instrumentation Technology Systems


Eon was established in 1961 by three Hughes Aircraft employees and located in VanNuys CA. The initial product focus was all things telemetry – to serve the growing NASA, Missile and Air Force programs of record.

All Eon Instrumentation products are qualified to MilStd 461/810/704/1275/901; DO160; and other applicable standards. Many are subjected to production ESS using our in house equipment. Eon also engages in full system contracts to include program management, design engineering, manufacturing, field engineering, and support. Eon is a certified FAA repair facility.

Through the years Eon diversified its development to include products in ground vehicle, shipborne and space platforms. Growth has expanded to 10+M sales with a 22+M backlog.

EON and Aviontics Van Nuys California Facility