Example Applications Using Eon Products

Ship and Associated Airborne Platforms

  • US Navy Surface Ships
    Aegis Electronic Warfare Control – PCAB IBU
    Video Distribution – ADV-301-1340
  • Foreign Surface Ships
    Interference Blanking Control – BCU-101B
  • F/A 18 Aircraft
    Weapons POD Video Splitter – ADV-301-13A
    Network interface Converter- ADV-USBE
  • P3 Aircraft
    Wingtip Receiver Power Supply – M164
    Audio Control Unit – ACU-101
    Interference Blanking Control – PIBU-102; BCU-101

Fixed Wing Airborne Platforms

  • C130 Transport and SOF Aircraft
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-16
    Audio Control – CSA/CAPP-101
    17.0″ dual input RS343 Monitor – HDM-XGA-170-2
  • F-16 and other fighter Aircraft
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-123
    Various Converters
    Aerial Refueler Amplifier – ARA-101
  • C27 Multipurpose Aircraft
    HD Video Splitter – ADV-DVID-14
    Video Converter – ADV-DPSDI-12
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-24
  • C295 Surveillance Aircraft
    HD Video Selector – VMS-712
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-122/133/134
  • Predator UAV
    Ground Station Video Splitter – ADV-301-103
  • Anka UAV
    Airborne Power Supply – M139-4

Ground Vehicle Platforms

  • M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank
    Submersible Video Splitter – ADV-301-23H
  • Stryker Mobile Transport
    Video Camera Selector – VSA-103; VSA-103D
    Dismounted Power Supply – M141300-1
  • Bradley APC
    Submersible Video Splitter – ADV-301-23H
  • Canadian LAV
    Video Camera Selector – VSA-103

Helicopter Platforms

  • Apache AH-1Z
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-13A-5
  • SH-60 Multipurpose
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-31 (VADU)
  • LH-60 Transport
    Video Splitter – ADV-301-22
  • Various Utility
    HD Video Splitter – ADV-301-22-3
    Power Supply – M22820-2
    Multi input/output 3G Splitter – ADV-301-142D
    Various Converters- e.g. ADV-301-NTSCSDI
    Various HD Switches/Selectors – VMS-HD-Family
  • Sikorsky Military Helicopters
    HD-SDI Video Splitter – ADV-301-23D

Space and Missile Platforms

HD multi-input/output
Video splitter-converter – DP-25
8.4″ multi-input monitor – HDM-SVGA-084-1
Low pass Harpoon guidance filter – FMA-101

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