Audio Control Systems

Eon has developed a number of unique Audio Control LRU’s that can be used as standalone units or integrated with other electronics to implement complete audio systems for airborne, shipboard or ground vehicle use.  All Audio Conrol System  products are military qualified to MilStd810/461/704/1275/901D; DO160; and other applicable specifications.   Standard power input is 28vdc (18-36) but other power inputs can be provided.

Selecting Model # in these tables will display full product data sheet including Outline & Mounting drawing.  Main Applications tab provides example usage in airborne, ship, and ground vehicle applications.  Main Capabilities tab provides example modifications.  New products can be quickly designed or derived from standard products.

Audio Control Units

Model #Input VoltageStd Sig Conn# Inputs# OutputsUnique Features
ACU-10118-36VDCMilS &DIN4(audio)1 (mixed audio)P3 cockpit; adj inputs
CAPP-10118-36VDC1 MilS1(mic)1 (8ohm spkr)C130 ICS preamp; low noise
CAS-10118-36VDC2 MilS2 (preamp)2 (8ohmspkr)C130 ICS cockpit; 8 ohm 5W/channel
ACU-11718-36VDC1 MilS1 (audio)17 balanced36k ohm outputs for recorders