Space and Missile Systems

Eon has developed multiple products for NASA and Prime contractors for use on Space and Missile Systems – Some examples are below:

Model #DescriptionUnique Features
DP-25Eon Instrumentation developed the first high-speed dual-redundant DisplayPort active switcher/converter for NASA to use on their new X-59 QueSST program. The DP-25 unit has two DisplayPort 2160p60 inputs that are actively switched to one DisplayPort 2160p60 output with mirrored outputs of SDI 2160p30 (x1), SDI 1080p60 (x2), and NTSC (x1).Switchover occurs in <1ms avoiding no frame loss
HDM-SVGA-084-1An 8.4” display includes SDI and NTSC video and multiple inputs for split screen operations. Power input of 18–36VDC is received through a MilStd D38999/20WA98PN connector. The controls allow for one of each input type to be active at any time while switching between split screen (1 SDI and 1 NTSC), full screen SDI, or full screen NTSC.A bonded shield is standard to support emitted EMI and impact resistance.