Systems Engineering and Custom Products

Hardware, Software and System Engineering Support – Eon frequently receives services contracts from customers seeking to reduce costs by outsourcing hard to do one of a kind products.  Eon has designed Ethernet interfaces, Torque converters, Motor controllers, Distribution panels, Video converters etc. with little or no NRE.  Eon also participates in complete system design including integration of multiple LRU’s and appropriate cables to satisfy a functional requirement.  Eon performs this unique work at modest prices to stay at the forefront of industry requirements .  From these developments Eon can design new products with more ubiquitous appeal for product manufacturing.  Eon’s 20 percent year over year growth is partially driven by this system engineering services and custom program product strategy.

Existing Product Modification – All of Eon’s products are designed using modular circuit, software, connector and chassis components.  Eon engineers also use the most current design, simulation and manufacturing tools that integrate the complete start to finish process.  From this basis Eon can easily modify an existing production product to create a new model/part number product.  Eon welcomes all customer inquires, and routinely develops one or two new models per month.

Main Capabilities tab provides example system engineering, custom programs and product modifications.