Power Supply Systems

Eon has developed fully customized rugged power supplies that can be used as standalone units or subassemblies to integrate with other electronics.  Eon’s niche is 5 watt to 500 watt single or multi output configurations.   AC inputs supported are 115/220 60-400hz VAC  single or three phase.  DC input  commonly supported is 9 – 45VDC.  DC outputs include (+/-) 3.3, 5.0, 12.0, 15.0, 22.0, 24.0 and higher.  Overall efficiencies are 85% or better.  Holdup 10 to 200ms.  Connectors are typically MilStd circular or DIN/Molex type.  Standard connector types can be easily modified. All Rugged Power Supply  products are military qualified to MilStd810/461/704/1275/901D; DO160; and other applicable specifications.

Selecting Model # in these tables will display full product data sheet including Outline& Mounting drawing.  Main Applications tab provides example usage in airborne, ship, and ground vehicle applications.  Main Capabilities tab provides example modifications.  New products can be quickly designed or derived from standard products.

Standalone Units

Model #Input VoltageStd ConnOutput PowerStd Output Voltages(VDC)Unique Features
M164115/400hz2 MilS150W+5/+23/-23-25 to +55C; adj outputs; airborne
M168115/400hz2 MilS300W+5/+12-25 to +55C; adj outputs
M141300-1115/220 45-70hz2 MilS300W22Extreme Env qual – grnd veh ops
M212300-19-45VDC2 MilS300W22Extreme Env qual – grnd veh ops
M139-418-36VDC1 MilS25W+/-15Multiple outputs
M139-518-36VDC1 MilS10 W++/-5Extreme Env qual – grnd veh ops
M139-618-36VDC2 MilS50 W+28Extreme Env qual – grnd veh ops
200msec holdup
M22820-2 (-x)16-40VDC2 MilS20W++/-15X – multi +/- avail, eg. 3.3, 5, 12, 15
Misc applications

Board Subassemblies

Model #Input VoltageStd ConnOutput PowerStd Output VoltageUnique Features
M16222-34VDCDIN /Molex200W+5/(+/-)15/+24-40 to +71C; forms section of LRU
MB228X-Y-Z9–45VDCMolexX -5to200WY-1 to 5outputs Z- +/- avail, eg. 3.3, 5, 12, 15
AC inputs
MolexX- 5to200WY-1 to5outputsZ- +/- avail, eg. 3.3, 5, 12, 15